Saturday, October 14, 2017

Modul8: "LB - Macro" module

Macro is an alternative to the "preset" concept.  Macro does not record the state of the modul8 parameters; rather, it records any number of changes to those parameters, and allows all those changes to be repeated by the press of a single button.

Modul8: LB Macro Module from Geoff Matters on Vimeo.

To start, turn on Learn for one of the macros, then take a few actions in modul8 such as toggling layer visibility, changing colorize and scale.  Turn off Learn.  Now, any time Play is pressed, it will return exactly those parameters modified, to the exact values they were when "learn" was turned off.  To test it, mess with the layer visibility / colorize / scale then press the Play button.  Note that unless a parameter was modified while Learn was on, it will not be adjusted when the macro is played back.  Note that the macro does not remember every intermediate value, only the most recent value for each parameter.  Note that some unwanted changes, such as layer focus, may be remembered as a side effect of a Macro eg if layer focus was changed during Learn.... this can interact with other parts of modul8.  Note that using another module during Learn does not record the use of the module, but records the actions the module takes.  For instance, if you use a random color module, the macro will not produce a random color each time but will always return to the color set during Learn.

Macros are a convenient way to bundle multiple predetermined actions into a single button, without having to write a module.  They are also useful to work around interface restrictions, eg use a Note On to enable something without the Note Off also disabling it (as it would with a direct MIDI mapping).

Version 1.0: store as dict rather than array
Version 0.8: use keywordsLB system, it can now learn keywords from other modules that also use the system

Note: "LB-Macro" (no spaces) was an early version of this uploaded 10 years ago. Obsolete, do not use.

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